LED Suspended Luminaires

LED Lowbay

  • NEW: acrylic reflector accessory available for the 80W version
  • Stylish solution for medium high ceilings in retail and industry
  • High efficacy up to 100lm/W
  • Up to 50% energy saving compared to HID solutions
  • Multiple beam angles available


ProductOrder codeEquivalent
to (W)
LEDLowbay-E 80W-4000-90D545002000100HID 100W80001004000Silver
LEDLowbay-E 80W-4000-60D545002000200HID 100W7200904000Silver
LEDLowbay-E 50W-4000-120D545002000300HID 70W50001004000Silver
LEDLowbay-E 50W-4000-60D545002000400HID 70W50001004000Silver
LEDLowbay-E 30W-4000-120D545002000500CFL 2x26W30001004000Silver
LEDLowbay-E 30W-4000-60D545002000600CFL 2x26W30001004000Silver
Accessory Order code