LED Modules

LED Module Clio G2

  • Fits well in slim ceiling luminaires up to 550mm in diameter
  • Easy and flexible installation
  • Shadow free, homogeneous light diffusion and 100% light instant on
  • High efficacy up to 100 lm/W
  • Integrated driver, connects directly to 220-240V
  • Including magnets and connection box
  • Movement detector accessory available for 12W & 16W


ProductOrder codeEquivalent
to (W)
LED E C module 22W DIM 2700K Clio CT140066204CFL TC-DD/PL-Q 28W1800832700White
LED E C module 22W DIM 4000K Clio CT140066205CFL TC-DD/PL-Q 28W2000914000White
LED E C module 36W DIM 2700K Clio CT140066206CFL TC-DD/PL-Q 38W2800782700White
LED E C module 36W DIM 4000K Clio CT140066207CFL TC-DD/PL-Q 38W3000834000White
LED E C module 12W 2700K Clio CT140066573GLS 75W1000822700White
LED E C module 12W 4000K Clio CT140066574GLS 75W1100914000White
LED E C module 16W 2700K Clio CT II140066575GLS 100W1400872700White
LED E C module 16W 4000K Clio CT II140066576GLS 100W16001004000White
Accessory Order codeModel
LED Module sensor CT140060553Multi-sensor